IN AND OUT OF FOCUS - ROMANIA AND BRITAIN Relations and Perspectives from 1930 to the Present
Edited by Denis DELETANT
ISBN: 973-7622-13-8
Pag: 314
 ... This volume is the product of a colloquium entitled 'Romania and Britain: Relations and perspectives from 1930 to the Present', sponsored by The British Council with the support of the New Europe College in Bucharest to mark 125 years since the opening of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The brainchild of Stephan Roman, the former Director of The British Council in Bucharest, the colloquium was held at the New Europe College on 4 and 5 April 2005. ...
 17 x 24 cm

Dennis Deletant, Preface

Maurice Pearton, British-Romanian relations during the 20th century; some reflections

Dennis Deletant, Good wine needs a Bush: The British Council and Romania, 1937 to 1990

Mihaela Irimia, English Studies at the University of Bucharest since the Foundation of the English Department in 1936

Rebecca Haynes, 1939: The 'Tilea Affair' and the Anglo-French Guarantee

Dan Brett, Maniu through the Looking Glass. British Perceptions of Iuliu Maniu: The Seton-Watsons and Maniu

Dennis Deletant, British Plans and Attempts at Subversion in Romania, 1939-40

Mark Percival, British Policy towards Romania from the 'Percentages Agreement' of October 1944 the Moscow Agreement of December 1945. When was the reality of Soviet Control Effectively Conceded?

Marius Oprea, The Situation of the Jews in Romania at the Outset of the Communist Regime. Some British Perspectives

Stejarel Olaru, A Visit to the Black Sea. Unpublished British Diplomatic Correspondence (1951)

Dorin Dobrincu, Richard Wurmbrand's Tours in Great Britain and their International Echoes (1968-1972)

Dragos Petrescu, "Rebellious" vs. "Non-Rebellious" Nations. British Perceptions of Romanian Anti-Communist Dissidence in the 1980s

Alex Drace-Francis, Paradoxes of Occidentalism: On Travel and Travel Writing in Ceausescu's Romania

Iulius Mihai Ursu, Waiting for the Brits - A History of the British Council in Romania (1938-2005)

Helen Meixner, Gentle Warriors: British Defence Diplomacy in Romania after 1990

Felix Ciuta, A Life Less Ordinary: Romania on the Road to Nato

Peter Siani-Davies, Tabloid Tales: The British Press and the Romanian Revolution of December 1989

Tom Gallagher, Thirty Years of EU Engagement with Romania: The Survival of Old Instincts and Assumptions

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